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The world’s most dazzling puzzler is now accessible via MSN. You got it! Bejeweled MSN is another proof that you can play this game the way you want it. You can enjoy it through your mobile phone, you can swap gems using Xbox and other home consoles, and you can even challenge your friends for a little competition via Facebook.

Of course, we know it’s just a tactic of PopCap to reach out to us gamers but we appreciate it anyway. As a matter of fact, we firmly believe that that company deserves a pat on the back for having this game ported to every possible medium.

The MSN gaming zone is a hot spot where you can find the best online games in the industry. The library is diversified with all sorts of game-plays including casino, word trivia, arcade, and of course puzzles. Bejeweled 2 is currently the most downloaded puzzler in history and we’re glad to let you know that MSN did not forget to include it in their wide selection of online games.

Here are a few reasons why ignoring Bejeweled means missing half of your life:

Addictive Gameplay

Bejeweled 2 is the exact definition of simplicity in its highest form. Let’s face it, the concept is utterly plain. Just form a line of 3 to 5 same colored gems to earn bonus points and that’s it. However, it is the same simple theme that hooked 75 million people worldwide. This only shows that human beings still have a penchant for uncomplicated things.

Vivid colors

The visual presentation is another plus factor for Bejeweled. It is very attractive not just for the eyes of a child but for adults as well. The graphic designers did a great job in this particular aspect. When you touch a gem, it sparkles and spins like a true high-carat jewel. And every time you succeed in matching 3 gems, the screen is filled with bright explosions that would make you feel like it’s the Fourth of July.

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Full Version Features

  • For the small price of $2, you can already afford the full version from the PopCap official website. For Xbox users, the price is a little bit more expensive at $4 but come on, it’s a steal!
  • PopCap has the best customer support team. In case, something went wrong with your purchase, you can easily contact them and rest assured that you will receive a response as soon as possible.
  • Avoid internet scams and transact only with  a secure and reliable ordering system from a BBB Accredited Business
  • Keep your mind alert and train it to think fast by creating new strategies on how to achieve better scores in Bejeweled 2.
  • Relax and have fun. Invite your friends for a friendly bet and see how fast they’d be able to top your score in one minute.
  • Play Bejeweled anywhere, anytime nnd with anyone. When you buy the full version, there are no time limits so you can practice everyday until the day you’ve already mastered the strategies for this gameplay.


If you want to play Bejeweled MSN, simply visit this website address zone.msn.com.


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